DJ Marathon & LIVE Events

THANK YOU FOR 1 Year of Social Distancing!

SD Megamix 01

Continuous mix of Drum and Bass + Dubstep

Smooth experience...
17 DJs for 3 hours of CUT-LESS mixes!

Future Events

Stay tuned.
Social Distancing

LIVE DJ Events on Twitch

Bringing people together, all around the world

Running DJ events since the beginning of 2020, a year that no one will forget, we've been headbanging to some awesome DJs & live producers and we strive to promote smaller streamers and bring more people to the scene of Live DJing on Twitch, both as a viewer and a streamer.

Our lineups are very diverse, with music genres ranging from Drum & Bass, Techno, Hardcore, and we even welcome live producers!

With events gathering hundreds of viewers, and spanning over multiple days non-stop, we've had multiple successful events and plenty of fun. Since one of our main goal is helping our streamer fellows, our inner working is a "raid-train": each streamer plays on his channel, and raids into the next person. Although it sometimes doesn't go 100% great, it still feels more right than streaming everything only to our channel.

With the help of great, influential people, like Flite or Protostar, we want more people to feel welcome in the DJing community on Twitch.

Have fun!
PS: Interested in participating? Or have any request? Hit us up on our discord server!

Previous Events

Social Distancing 5

Celebrating our 1st year anniversary

19th-20th-21st March 2020
70 hours

Social Distancing Dubstep x Hardcore poster

Social Distancing 4

19th-20th-21st February 2020
40hrs / 20 Streamers

Social Distancing Dubstep x Hardcore poster

Dubstep x Hardcore Party

6th February 2021
16hrs / 8 Streamers

Distanced Nights 1 Poster

Distanced Nights (Ed. 1)

23rd January 2021
21hrs / 10 Streamers

Social Distancing is back, with weekly events!
Enjoy a fresh batch of great DJ livesets!

French Nights 1 Poster

La French Night (Ed. 1)

16th January 2021
10hrs / 5 Streamers

French DJ Talents, live on Twitch, first edition!

Social Distancing 3 poster

Social Distancing 3

4th December 2020
60hrs / 26 streamers

Social Distancing 2 poster

Social Distancing 2

17th April 2020
90hrs / 40 streamers

Full Lineup
Social Distancing 1 poster

Social Distancing 1

20th March 2020
60hrs / 20 streamers

Full Lineup